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US $2.2 trillion COVID Relief Fund : How Rollout of $2.2 trillion stimulus package marred by glitches and breakdowns

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“We are building the space shuttle as it is rocketing toward Mars.”

industry official says

The glitches, breakdowns, frustrations and angst building right now on every piece of this third stimulus package were all together predictable, and yet it doesn’t make it any less painful for the individuals who are waiting for their personal stimulus checks to buy groceries or for the small business owner who is waiting to be approved for a loan so they know they can keep paying their employees.

Nearly two weeks after lawmakers approved their massive $2.2 trillion spending package, committee aides, administration officials and industry lobbyists are beginning to encounter unintended — and to some extent unanticipated — consequences.

These programs are unwieldy. They were largely agreed to over late-night negotiations as a global pandemic was gripping the nation, and the turbulence is real.There is some hope however: Many of the most egregious issues can be — and likely will be — addressed in another stimulus package passed by Congress, though the particular parameters of what will and will not be included in such a package are still being determined.

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