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Twitter feud ; Axl Rose and Steve Mnuchin are getting on FAST wheelers as they Ignite Crazy Feud on Twitter & Fans Are Going Wild Over It

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Axl Rose and Steve Mnuchin

Trump’s Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin..!

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President Donald Trump‘s Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, 57, called out Guns N’ Roses lead singer Axl Rose, 58, for not doing enough for his country…then posted the flag of the African nation of Liberia instead of the U.S.’s stars and stripes to show that he was a bigger patriot. Needless to say, Mnuchin is getting roasted on Twitter.

The former Hollywood movie producer eventually saw his error, that the Liberian Flag also has red and white stripes, but only one white star with a blue background. As opposed to the fifty stars on the U.S. flag that symbolize all fifty states. He deleted and reposted his tweet with the correct flag emoji, but not before the Twittersphere had enough screen grabs of his patriotism rally cry with a foreign flag to forever remind Mnuchin of his gaffe.

It all began late on May 6 when Axl tweeted out, “It’s official! Whatever anyone may have previously thought of Steve Mnuchin he’s officially an *sshole,” though it’s unclear what brought on the remark. Steve then took the bait and replied to the legendary rocker, “What have you done for the country lately?” along with an emoji of the Liberian flag. Then the Twitterverse exploded.

User @CaslerNoel tweeted, “Anybody have Axl Rose/Steven Mnuchin feud on the 2020 is the batsh*t craziest year ever bingo card?” @chaiofthetiger8 noted of the sheer bizarro nature of it all, writing “Steve Mnuchin sinks his own battleship trying to own Axl Rose. 2020 is the Florida of years.” @RALee85 opined, “The year is 2020. Amidst a global pandemic, Guns N’ Roses’ Axl Rose says the Secretary of the Treasury and producer of Wonder Woman is ‘officially an *sshole.’ In response, the Executive Producer of the Lego Movie asks what Rose has done for his country with the flag of Liberia.” User @ProfHansNoel joked about Steve’s flag error, tweeting, “OK, but what has Axl Rose done for Liberia lately?”

User @booboothebear tweeted, “Steve Mnuchin just asked Axl Rose ‘What have you done for the country lately?’ The correct answer to this, other than ‘Paid a shedload of taxes’ is ‘Not kill 73,000 Americans through willful negligence,’” referring to the Trump administration’s mishandling of the deadly coronavirus pandemic and the current death toll in the U.S. The user added, “Oh & Mnuchin doesn’t know the difference between the flags of USA & Liberia. 

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