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Doctors discovered a bizarre new coronavirus complication called “happy hypoxia” that no one can explain

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Coronavirus Symptoms

We’ve been talking about the novel coronavirus and its many complications for what feels like years now, although it’s only been a few months. Most people already know that COVID-19 can mimic a common cold or it can come and go without presenting any symptoms at all.

The elderly and people with preexisting conditions are at risk of developing a severe COVID-19 case, which can often come with significant respiratory issues that can require oxygen therapy and ventilation. And now, doctors have encountered a new type of severe COVID-19 complication they call “happy hypoxia.” That’s because the patients who show this condition are in incredible respiratory distress, yet they show no real signs that their oxygen levels are dangerously low.

  • Doctors treating novel coronavirus patients in the UK have noticed a condition they call “happy hypoxia” in severe COVID-19 cases.
  • Blood oxygen levels can drop to dangerous levels, but patients are still conscious and responsive when they shouldn’t be.
  • The doctors can’t explain why it happens or how the body compensates for the lack of oxygen.
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