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CANADIAN COVID-19 SALARY RELIEF : Government boosts wage subsidy to 75% for small, medium businesses to avoid layoffs during COVID-19 crisis

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announces enhanced measures to keep employees on the payroll outside his residence at Rideau Cottage in Ottawa, Trudeau during a news conference

The prime minister said the wage subsidies will be backdated to March 15, 2020.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today announced more help for small and medium-sized businesses to keep employees on the payroll during the COVID-19 crisis, including a 75 per cent wage subsidy and guaranteed interest-free loans.

He called small and medium-sized businesses the “backbone” of the economy and said the new measures will help them avoid ordering layoffs or closing down because of the climate of uncertainty caused by the pandemic.

“We’re thinking about that family-owned restaurant that’s been around for years, [has] had many of the same employees for years. Employees who’ve been there through slowdowns, good times and bad times, and now in this moment of crisis they’re having to lay these people off at their time of need,” he said.

“We know that allowing people to continue that relationship, allow[ing] people to continue to feel and to know they have a job … is a really important thing, not just for people’s confidence, but for the ability of all us to bounce back strongly from this once we’re through it.”

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